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Miller & Associates LLC Transportation Services

Prompt & Reliable

Miller & Associates is a Delaware Limited Liability Company that provides passenger van transportation services to students enrolled in School Districts in the Tri-State area and are entitled to transportation under the McKinney-Vento Act for regular home-to-school services. 

Our passenger vans offer more than a ride to school— they offer safe, reliable transportation that can be life-changing. 
Miller & Associates also offers an overall transportation experience to a wide array of industries and platforms. 

Services shall consist of, but not limited to Transporting school aged students to and from school daily during the academic calendar year. Miller & Associates complies with all safety guidelines, rules and regulations determined by the governing districts, corporations, and most importantly, the guardians of the students.

Contact us at 302-220-9601
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About Us

A Transport Service That Cares

Why Miller & Associates?
Our staff shares the value of ensuring students are transported with safety in mind first. Our drivers share this core value and all students that we serve are at the heart of what we do. Extensive background checks and motor vehicle records are periodically taken to ensure we are not only meeting the needs of the districts we serve, but also exceeding the expectations of our students.

We have the flexibility to cover various routes that meet the needs of the district and most importantly the student. Students in remote locations can be assured that our team will make every adjustment to ensure they receive the necessary transportation to and from school.

Our drivers are trained to be an extension of the student’s caregiver, be it their parents, guardians, or school administrators. We provide a professional atmosphere, and it is essential that we adhere and enforce all policies, rules and regulations that are identified and governed by each state in which we operate, the school district we contract with, and most importantly, the guardians of the students.

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